General provisions for work TinyCDN

This document expands and supplements the Privacy Policy, it must be considered after reading this agreement.

1. Service provides file hosting service.

2. Tariffs can be found on Pricing page.

2.1. For the tariff plan 100 MB - start free period is available in the first 5 days, when you can use all the features of the tariff package without actually paying for it.

2.2. This is done to familiarize Users with the Service.

2.3. All users are advised to use the trial period before making a decision on using the Service on a paid basis.

3. The Service provides Users with services in the context of Projects.

3.1. To create a project, the user must log in (register) in the personal account.

3.2. The user can create an unlimited number of projects.

3.3. User projects are independent of each other, and are also paid separately from each other.

4. Payment

4.1. To use the paid features of the Service, the User must purposefully pay a tariff plan for a specific Project for a specific period.

4.2. This is considered as the agreement of the User with the opportunities (functionality) and quality of services provided.

4.3. In case of unwillingness to continue to use the paid features of the Service, the Buyer ceases to pay the tariff plan of the Project for a further term.

4.4. No refund already paid.